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The Slant

We riff on the everyday. From current events to what's up in our lives, we're laughing at it and hope you are too...

Mar 10, 2015

Our last episode for 2 weeks. Ant tries to figure out the message center song and why is Iowa losing so many chickens? Also we can FINALLY say goodbye to winter. New douche of the week and 1 in 5000 babies are born with what? Comedy, talk.

chipmunk Barry
five and a half years ago

Hey Ant, omg can't believe how funny you are..we met once at fort Hamilton highschool band..we actually hooked up a few times and you never called back.. Well then (chirp) cause you had a Nextel then ..glad to see your still your funny self.. I Remeber how tall and strong you were.. I myself was pretty strong dude myself.. Hopefully we can catch up again .. Been way to long ..
chipmunk Barry ..